Deck Cleaning the Right Way – Five Reasons to Hire a Professional

Summer, winter, spring or fall, Americans continue to enjoy the great outdoors from their decks, patios, pool areas, or gazebos. And some of those areas of pleasure have definitely seen better days. Are you thinking about restoring the surfaces inside or outside your home to their former glory? Will pressure cleaning and deck staining alone do the trick on your deck that’s seen better days? Is there a right way or a wrong way to restore a deck for beauty and endurance?

Doing it yourself home improvement may sound like the way to go, but in spite of long-standing home improvement do-it-yourself trends, there are extremely compelling reasons to hire a professional surface reconstruction/ maintenance firm to achieve the results you want with less of your own sweat and tears and at less cost to you.

At McNish Outdoor living service, we promise not only high quality products but we ensure that we add value to our customer’s property. Adding a backyard structure is not the only thing that can add value to your property. Still, their placement has a lot to do with the overall appeal of your house. Adding a backyard structure can increase the resale value of your house by 10 percent. It also increases the overall square footage of your available living space on the property. Our fully customized and creative designs add beauty and value to your property. So, even if you wish to resale your property, you will have a better value for the property in the end. 

As you know, bringing the surfaces of your home or commercial space back to beauty involves an accepted process that involves time, money and the expenditure of a lot of energy. You must clean, restore, beautify and finally protect porous and non-porous surfaces in order to assure successful restoration and to guarantee enduring results.

Here are 5 reasons to consider hiring a professional surface restoration company – using your Deck as an example:

Cleaning Your Deck Takes Time, Money, and Energy

Obviously, you have to clean your wood deck thoroughly before anything else can be done to restore it to its’ former beauty. Sounds easy! But, on second look, if your outdoor deck has been relatively unattended for a number of years, you’ll see embedded dirt, mildew stains, and weathering you may never have noticed before. You knew things were bad – but this bad? Will pressure washing alone do the trick? Perhaps not, so to begin, go to your local home improvement center and purchase a deck cleaner that will restore your wood to its natural beauty without yellowing or bleaching. Which deck cleaner will you choose? Maybe the sales help can give you a clue, but maybe not. How much work is involved in cleaning your deck, even with the help of a power washer and the deck cleaner you have just purchased?

Turn your backyard into a destination. Enjoy the Florida sunshine with a custom outdoor living space, whether it is to enhance the aesthetics of your home or increase its value a backyard structure is always a good investment. No one likes to be cooped up inside and extend your living space beyond the walls of your home, your dream backyard awaits. McNish Outdoor Living offers a wide range of services whether it is a deck, a gazebo by the pool, a pergola on a sunny Florida afternoon, or hosting a cookout with your new outdoor kitchen, we will get it done.

Stripping Your Deck Takes Time, Money and Energy

Stripping an old deck to prepare it for beautification is the second necessary step in the restoration process. You see, you have to strip any deteriorating wood or unwanted finish from the surface to make way for the application of more products. So, now, head back to the home improvement center to buy another product – a deck stripping product with stain and finish remover. Be sure and corral the sales person again for help in deciding which one will most effectively remove old oil and latex stains from your deck. Does he really know what he’s talking about? It’s a must to prepare the wood for any new finish or stain. How much work is involved in stripping your deck, even with the help of the deck stripping product you have just purchased?

Protecting and Beautifying Your Deck Takes Time, Money and Energy

O.K. – Your deck is finally cleaned and stripped. You have prepared the wood for a new finish or a stain that will not only make it look beautiful and new, but will protect it from the elements. Has your finish seen better days? Do you want a different look this time around? You’ll need to go to the home improvement center again and look for a semitransparent stain – or a rich transparent oil finish – to enhance the beauty of your deck.

Don’t want to stain? It’s still important to saturate your newly cleaned wood surface with a clear water repellent. This will help protect it from rain that can cause swelling, shrinking, warping and cracking. Look for a water repellent with a mildewcide to slow the growth of mildew during warmer months. Do you have the right one? How much work is involved in that application?

Hiring a Professional Surface Restoration Company Can Save Time, Money and Energy

Finding a reputable deck restorer or deck construction company you can count on is as easy as asking for references. Many will even be happy to show you pictures of their work or to take you to homes of satisfied customers to see their patio decks first-hand. Once you have found a company to restore, rebuild, or even build a brand new deck for you, you’re on your way to getting the best results for the least effort and expenditure. Check deck builders on-line and comparison shop. Ask your neighbors and by all means, check with that sales professional at your local home improvement center. He or she knows the builders in your area and can really help you this time!

You Get What You Pay For

Remember – When you hire a professional, you are not doing the buying, agonizing over the decisions, renting equipment, or doing any of the heavy labor involved in the restoration process.

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