Useful Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Tips For Urban Living

People know that carpet cleaning in a big metropolitan city such as New York, Chicago or Boston can be a hassle. In addition to the stressful environment of urban living taking care of any house cleaning chores is never easy. If you are living in a big city you should remember that carpet and upholstery cleaning demands special care and constant vigilance when it comes to dealing with numerous health ailments which can be a direct effect of bad carpet cleaning.

Here are a few carpet and upholstery cleaning tips which will help you:

  1. Carpets need to be exposed to open air every once in a while. If you are living in a big city apartment building with shut windows then the next best thing is to steam clean your carpet and then vacuum it. To enhance artificial open air exposure of carpets hold a powerful vacuum cleaner about an inch high over your carpet. In this way in door air will rush over your carpet from all sides and any dust or airborne dirt particle will be vacuumed away.
  2. Always check upholstery cleaning products for warning labels! Upholstered furniture material such as vinyl or leather reacts differently to certain foams and shampoos and extra caution should be used as to prevent any damage to your furnishings.
  3. Pay close attention to which carpet cleaning machine you are using! For instance: if you are using steam cleaners check to see if your floors are suited for hot water extraction. Certain hard wood floors should not come into direct contact with water (if not properly treated – sealed by glazing, waxing or other wood floor sealers). Water can seep into a wooden floor and cause it to crack and break. In addition, a soaked wood floor will not allow you carpet to dry properly and serve as a nesting ground for dust mites and bacteria.
  4. Be sure to use a vent when carpet and upholstery cleaning! If you cannot open a window, use a ventilation system. Many store bought carpet cleaning products fumigate harmful compounds which can cause eye irritation, dry mouth or extra salivation and should not be inhaled!

In conclusion, living in an urban environment can prove to be an extra burden when some household chores are involved such as carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning; poor ventilation and poor drainage, when cleaning floors, demand today’s city dweller to run that extra mile. Paying close attention to everything that we bring into our homes is just part of the way of life we chose when we moved into the city. The same is true when we clean our carpets and upholstery. With a bit more care and awareness cleaning in an urban environment can be a synch.

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